Monday, February 04, 2008

The linen of change

The last weekend was restless, perhaps it was because it was the last week of the Chinese New Year. I always find the Chinese calendar is much more agreeable to make changes around. For a start the Gregorian New Year's Eve is far too close to Christmas so you don't really get to look forward to it.

January is ghastly and should be avoided at all costs so it seems much more suitable to start things in February. Historically all the exciting changes in my life have been in February and so I've come to rather look forward to it. The year of the Rat starts in only a few days and I should be prepared. It's customary to clean the house when facing the New Year which I think is an excellent tradition. Also one can gain extra luck by putting up lucky phrases and the like. Since my kanji is a bit rusty these days (really should revise it a little bit) and really the auspicious words should be in a language you understand I've written 'spiffing' and 'jolly good show' and celotaped it to my door. I'll report back if they have any effective.

As part of 'Operation New Life' I've recently got some new bed linen, I'm undecided about the colour, it's a sort of coffee/caramel that I would normally stay away from the shade but under the flatmates advisement I went with it and it does fit in with the colouring of the rest of the room. My bedroom now resembles a stylish hotel room, albeit one with a pith helmet in it and far too many shoes.

My bike fever has if anything got worse. I spent all weekend reading bike magazines and books so now at least I can make a passing stab at the lingo. I've even been remembering things from my childhood spent surrounded by hundreds of bikes. Plus it appears that a gentlemanly cravat is actually a useful thing to wear to keep out the chilly spring winds. It's not just dapper, it's essential.

Also I'm working on a bike related writing project with a friend, if my dad knew about that I think he would be very chuffed.


Gorilla Bananas said...

If you are unmarried you should receive 'Ang Pau' for the Chinese New Year. You don't have to be Chinese to get it. More info can be found in the blog of Sabrina, who comments in my one.

Louche said...

I just read about 'Ang Pau', what a great tradition. It almost makes it worth knowing smug married types.