Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dawn Porter in the nude

I've been messing around with BBC Iplayer a bit. I had issues with it when it first started up being that it was a bit of a pig of an application and that it only had 'Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps' on it. Things have moved on since I last used it and now it is a fairly slick way of catching up all those programs you missed or didn't realise you wanted to see.

I downloaded it originally to catch up with a friend who had appeared on Masterchef. She was brilliant - after seeing her do so well I was inspired for as long as it took me to walk to the fridge and realise I had no food. Now that I have Iplayer I've been downloading all sorts of nonsense just because I can.

One of these programs I downloaded was was 'Dawn... Gets naked'. It turned out to be a rather good documentary about Dawn Porter (who previously lost a load of weight in another documentary) learning about how most women have a horrible body image due to magazines touching up photos and things like that.

It was a bit of a strange documentary. She was really honest about how she felt about her body and was incredibly charming during the whole affair but I don't know if I felt anything happened by the end. She organised a flashmob of nude women to charge around London using Myspace, which seemed really dated - it's all about Facebook these days. The flashmob seemed like good fun, and I'm glad she went an terrorised the offices of Vogue while wearing very little but it's a shame the magazine's press officer wouldn't make a statement. So it didn't feel as if anything had really changed by the end of the show.

The thing is I didn't really mind that it didn't go anywhere because I couldn't help but find Dawn utterly beguiling. She went through a series of adventures and learnt how to burlesque dance as well as posing for a life drawing class. And while the documentary probably won't change the world it probably made her feel good about her body (Which was lovely, honestly some women eh?) so that is at least one good thing.

I'm not sure what they hoped to achieve, I mean apart from filling me with a real desire to take Dawn Porter out for cocktails. Still that is something, and one shouldn't overlook that.


Mr Chipz said...

Louche...I've just noticed (which shows how perceptive I'm not) that my blogroll on my frankly superb site is undernourished. Can I add you to my list? Once I work out how to do it of course.

That website is ghastly. It actually makes me quite angry. I want to do late victorian whitecapel-y things to the hidious gold digging jezebels on there. And then kill all the capitalist scumbags who use it to get their horrible overpaid ends away. grrr.

Louche said...

Of course Mr Chips. Add away. Yes that website is awful, hopefully the people on it will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.