Monday, February 11, 2008

Mr T and the brain

I am tired, so very tired. Yesterday should have been spent prancing about feeling triumphant and possibly winking at pretty girls on the tube who were reading the feature I wrote. Instead I spent the morning fretting over needless things and the afternoon frantically working.

The piece has already opened doors for me, and I've been given a new assignment by an entirely different paper as well as being allowed to do something interesting by The Royal Family for another paper because the feature I wrote clearly gave them the impression I must be an okay sort of chap.

So because of this sudden influx of work I spent the whole evening down in the library frowning at my laptop and trying to squeeze out 2000 more words, when I really should have been drinking champagne and cocktails. I've got to hand it in an hours and I've looked at it so much that I just can't tell what is good or bad anymore.

Of course a chap can't just give up. It's stiff upper-lip time and as I'm a freelancer I should always been glad of the work. I know how to deal with this, it's time for coffee so strong you could cut it with a knife and some French jazz.

I can't fade now, I've got too much work to do and this evening I'm going to a party with Mr T. Well that makes it sound like I've got a hot date with the member of the A-Team. I've not. He will be there, but I'm going with a girl.

So I have to finish this piece, and then set about my wardrobe to decide what to wear today. I pity the fool that doesn't match his shirt and socks.


DJ Kirkby said...

Oh go on, be a rebel and put your left sock on your right foot and vice versa! Congrats on your increasing sucess with work!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Do you really wink at pretty girls on the tube? So few men are winkers these days.

Louche said...

DJ - I like your idea, I think I'll do that tonight. It's all about pushing boundaries in London fashion week.

Gorilla - Not as much as I should, it's a dying art form.