Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Ice Queen Melts

Well I did the gig. It was extremely scary. I've never seen a gig with such an angry crowd. Two acts couldn't actually tell any jokes because the crowd were talking back so much - one of them just did a dance while his time ticked away.

The MC had to tell the hecklers off, I mean a proper telling off. Why do people do that? I mean really? These weren't even funny hecklers, just sort of depressing.

Anyway. I did my set, the final act in fact. Which was a first, sort of accidentally becoming a headliner. It went okay, I'm probably being more critical on myself than I should be. I mean once ditched anything even remotely high-brow I got a very reasonable amount of laughs but it was a shame. There was no sparkle the sort you get - in my limited experience - when you are really getting on with the crowd.

It was recorded on a camera but I'm not sure I want a copy of that. Also doing the set were two very funny female comedians, one of whom I've met before. They are both extremely pretty, extremely funny and extremely nice and yet. Extremely single. It's baffling. The flatmate thinks this is due to most chaps being afraid of not being good enough for single girls. It sounds possible.

Oh and I spoke to The Ice Queen, she has a proper boyfriend. One who sent her flowers and took her out for a meal. I know the chap she used to think of him as just a friend but she has seen the light. Now she has a lovely boyfriend who thinks the world of her and that is very nice.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I think you should put your act up on You Tube or something. It can't be bad if you're getting laughs and you might get some useful feedback.

DJ Kirkby said...

Yeah..once again I agree with GB...must work on developing an independant opinion...

moi said...

Oh my goodness... I've missed so much. What's going on here?

What happened to the curly haired fop who used to read Tarot cards for girls in clubs on their birthday?!

Stand up comedy? What... what?

If I'd known I'd have stood at the back and cheered and laughed at your jokes heartily!

Louche said...

GB - I'm going to see about getting hold of the recording and then I'll see how it turned out. If it's good I may share it.

DJ - GB is often right so it's fairly normal to agree with him. Gorillas are terribly wise.

Moi - I'm still a curly haired fop, but now I do it on stage.