Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mad logic

I was talking to the flatmate and a male friend of hers who is a bit of a rogue. We were chatting away about his current situation regarding women. He is seeing a girl at the moment but has told her that he doesn't want anything serious. This seems fine but the flatmate was annoyed by this.

Her thinking was, that even if a chap says 'I'm not interested in anything serious' and you continue to see them, it is assumed that it will be something serious eventually because you are still seeing each other. So the fact that the chap has said clearly that it's going no-where is not important.

When we both tried to point out the crazy logic of this to her she would have none of it. It's especially crazy because there is no-way she would put up with that sort of deal or nonsense in business.

Girls are mad.


moi said...

hmmm... seems familiar... might I point out that apparently this 'madness' isn't only evident in females of the species.

Louche said...

Moi - I'm sure you are right, it would have been more accurate to say 'my flatmate is a bit mad'

Clair said...

I have a beautiful, glamorous friend whose married lover told her from day one he'd never leave his missus. She's still hoping...people do tend to mean what they actually say.

Louche said...

Clair - I have no idea why people put up with this sort of nonsense.