Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Faith and the fop

I'm not a terribly religious sort. For a start I like evolution too much as a concept, it's just so logical. It doesn't just work on animals you can see it in clothes. Look at the early suits and you can see how they changed to fit the purpose of the times. Admittedly as far as I'm concerned fashion peaked at around 1820 but that is a different matter.

What I'm saying is that except from the occasional prayer offered up to the gods of journalism, or the diety of coffee in thanks for a strong brew I don't really do religion.

However every now and then something happens that makes me wonder if their isn't some sort of over-reaching power that has plans. For instance, just this morning while taking a pause from writing nonsense I started to think about women. One of the nice things about single is you can spend time pondering what it would be like to date one woman or another.

Perhaps you would take one on a picnic as a first-date or maybe whisk another off to Budapest? It's all possible in theory because you are single and so you can do anything. This morning as I waited for my mokapot to brew I was pondering what it might be like to date Alesha Dixon who was the absolute star of Strictly Come Dancing just before Christmas.

Once the coffee had brewed I didn't really give it a second thought, that is until my friend who writes a gossip page for a newspaper called this afternoon. She wondered if I would be so kind as to go to a party hosted by Alesha Dixon tonight post-brits and see if anything entertaining happened.

I thought about this for a while, and then said yes. I mean, if the powers that be want me to drink free cocktails with Alesha Dixon then who am I to argue?


Sarah said...

Well no, one cannot decline an invitation like that! Did you have fun....?!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Not much meat on her, but some say that flesh is tastiest when it's close to the bone.

Louche said...

Sarah - Sadly I accidentally declined the invitation. Oops.

GB - Interesting point, do Gorilla's prefer larger lady gorilla?