Friday, February 08, 2008

Stand-up, reunions and badly dressed women.

Last night was my second comedy gig ever. I think if anything it was a more challenging than the first one. The venue was about six times the size of the previous one so I was performing in front of an awful lot of people. I was also on second, so I wouldn't be talking to a lovely, warmed-up happy crowd but a group of people who were slightly angry and waiting to be amused.

The crowd were actually quite angry. The MC had almost started a fight with someone before I went on, and there had been more than a little heckling. Even worse my old boss from my first, hated job had decided to come along. While I don't really give a damn about him, I didn't want to look like a prat.

So I took the stage with a touch of the nerves. The proper set up of the lights and speakers and things meant that I had no idea if people were laughing, or even smiling. I couldn't see or hear the audience.

Luckily I didn't get heckled, and I definitely heard a few laughs, especially when I said the line about the fox. Actually it went swimmingly, and I left the stage with an pleasantly meaty applause and the crowd wanting more so that is good. Afterwards quite a few people (mostly women) came up to me to say the enjoyed my act which was very nice of them and I will buy them all drinks or make them cakes at some point in the future.

I was followed by The Urban Woo who was amazing. Her confidence is astounding and it really showed me that I've got quite a bit to learn. Still, it is only my second time and perhaps if I was wearing a skirt that excellent I would also have a loquacious ease.

The lovely people organising it have said I can do some more work and two of the other acts have asked me to go to their club nights so it looks like I'll be doing more shows, and fox jokes.

After the gig I went to a leaving party for someone I used to work with which caused a re-union of another sorts with my old boss and even more surprising A whom I wrote an awful lot about in 2006. It was fun seeing the old crowd and strange seeing A. We were polite to each other in that terribly English way, but nothing more than that.

When the pub closed we went to a nearby club in Chelsea, a friend works for the company who owns it so you get to swan in to the VIP area and drinks are supplied with out having to do anything as vulgar as pay. It was fun, but it made me realise how people in Chelsea really can't dance and most of the women can't dress themselves. While I may be drifting back into the dating scene there are some standards a chap has to maintain and I think the first of those is to not be seen with a girl who looks like she has dressed herself in the dark, while drunk.

Perhaps I should have dragged The Urban Woo along with me to the club so she could show the jiggling trustifarians how a real lady dresses.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Congratulations. What sort of comic persona were you trying to project?

Louche said...

My current act is mostly about awful things women have done to me, and about being dumped.

Last night I experimented with some material about not being gay but people thinking you are, it went down well.

DJ Kirkby said...

I would love to see your comedy act. I am notorious for never 'getting the joke' but I live in hope...

Louche said...

DJ - If you enjoy the blog you would get the comedy.