Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Luck be a lady last night

Last night was a busy one. I had a lunch with an editor who is really more of a friend. Anyway she insisted I do some work for her, sadly her magazine doesn't pay terribly well but it is extremely good fun. So I'm going to start trying to cogitate fresh nonsense.

After that I went to another meeting in a pub to talk about a project relating to motorbikes and to introduce some people to other people. I had to rush out of that after an hour and go to a party. This was a good party, there were lots of cocktails to drink and I breezed up to lots of interesting looking women to talk about anything that came to mind.

As part of the party a gambling company were running casino tables so I joined in the fun and ended up winning a prize. I would have won the top prize but the naughty lady on the table wouldn't let me cash out all my money because she said I had won too much. Still the top prize was a weekend in Devon (Not massively tempting considering Devon is home) so instead I walked off with a lovely mini-break in a flash hotel.

This is excellent but I've got no idea who I would take? It's quite forward to say to a stranger 'hello, I think you are rather scrummy, fancy a minibreak?' Or maybe it isn't, who knows eh?

Oh and another friend wants to take me to Japan to help sell art. I'm finding out today if that is happening. If it is I need to dig out my old Japanese books and relearn it frantically.

Amazing things happen if you go out in Austin Reed.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I suggest you take an existing lady friend. A stranger might worry that you are some kind of madman.

Louche said...

That would be the sensible course of action, but where is the fun in that?