Friday, February 22, 2008


Well clearly the fates don't want me to meet Alesha just yet. I didn't make it to her party, I think the first mistake was ordering the second bottle of wine when I met up with a friend at their member's club.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, you know we were having such a giggle and well if you are laughing and you have a seat why go anywhere else? Due to our second wine we arrived at the club some-what late, and it had opened to everyone. The queue outside was so mobbed that I couldn't even get close to the person with the clipboard and gain us entry. So we decided to go to another venue where I was on the guestlist.

This party was extremely disappointing and they even tried to get us to pay for drinks, I mean really. There is no clearer sign that the record industry is in trouble that now guests of their parties are expected to buy their own drinks.

We were so shocked by the concept of having to pay for our own booze that we retreated back to the club we had been at originally and drank more of the lovely wine. It's okay to pay for booze if you get to choose the surrounding but if someone invites you to a bash it seems a bit off if they want you to buy drinks too. It was an excellent evening but one that ended in a way I hadn't imagined.

Although it appears that some parts of the record industry are doing better than others - Alesha was paid £40k (According to my chum) to 'host' the party, and it worked. The queue to get in snaked all the way down the street.

Oh and speaking of musical women. Say you are a troubled yet brilliant singer, lets call her 'Lanie Beershack'. You are celebrating getting a few awards with friends and you decide that you might like to put some things up your nose. If you are going to do this it is probably good to do it somewhere a bit private. You should not do it on the dance floor.

If you do decided to do it on the dance floor don't be surprised if some woman is overheard in the loos trying to sell that story to the papers. And if this is happening and someone who you know a bit comes up to you and warns you that someone is trying to set you up, you shouldn't elbow her in the face and tell her to fuck off.

Honestly, some hypothetical people act in a manner very unbecoming a lady.


Mr Chipz said...

Well perhaps Ms Beershack deserves all she gets, her hubris will be her hypothetical undoing methinks. Your friend should have punched this hypothetical person in their pretend face for being an ingrate.

Louche said...

Yes, well after her imaginary hitting of a pretend friend of mine I am not a fan of her anymore. Not in the slightest.

DJ Kirkby said...

Shame this hypothetical person's voice is so amazing 'cos the rest of her hypotheticalness is a waste of skin really...

Louche said...

DJ - It is a shame, but of all the fictional people she is the least welcome over for cocktails now.

I'm sorry Ms Beershake but you brought this on yourself.