Thursday, February 28, 2008

The duelist

There are somethings I've always aspired to since I was terribly small. Sadly I think there is very little chance of me becoming a Privateer in the Caribbean, or invading France on horseback.

One of the other ridiculous things I wanted to be was a duelist. You know a chap in a smashing coat who defends someones honour for cash.

Yesterday that dream came true. I joked about it at work when a liable case came up and now it's going to be part of the settlement that the person who made the claim declined the offer of a duel to get his satisfaction.

It's not an entirely idle threat either. I've been doing various forms of martial arts for years, on a casual basis. I lived in Scotland for a while which got me into fights on an almost weekly basis because I was English and talked to girls and that is not acceptable in some parts of Scotland. I've even been in proper street fights, with knives and I picked up a few scars and yet I'm still alive so perhaps that should be a warning to people thinking of kicking off with a fop.

Dueling now my officially part of my job at this company. While I'll still write nonsense if anyone asks what I do, I'm the duelist.

This has been a fairly ridiculous week.


Clair said...

Again. *swoon*

You were born for this, you know.

Louche said...

I think it's time to invest in a new sword stick.