Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brakes, Pamela Anderson and Gorillas

I picked my up bike from work today. I had to go into Soho for the meeting (which went extremely well) and because I was hungover I thought it might be a spiffing idea to cycle home on a lovely crisp winter's afternoon. It was lovely but my cycle needs a bit of work and the brakes aren't a strong as they should be.

This means slowing down requires a bit of forward planning. Quite a lot of forward planning. So if you are on the King's Road and the tiny star of Baywatch steps out in front of you while putting expensive shoes in the back of her limo then you have to swerve quite violently to avoid her because there is no way the brakes will stop you in time.

Luckly I didn't hit her, or the bus and she probably will never know how close she came to a fop-related accident. All she saw was a chap on a bike wobble a bit while saying 'blimey' before disappearing into the distance. Her trousers were extremely low slung and she really should wear a belt if she is going to bend over like that in the street. Still I suppose not every chap has seen most of Pamela's bum while commuting home.

Fashion week makes London go very silly, and it's amazing who you bump into, or almost run over. The only thing I thought as I wobbled off into the distance after my near miss is a gorilla is never going to believe me.


Gorilla Bananas said...

She is supposed to be performing in Paris tonight, so I hope she doesn't miss her flight. Pity you didn't exchange a few pleasantries.

Louche said...

Yes a bit of a shame, but I'm sure there will be other chances, especially if I don't fix my brakes.