Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lot 55

On Friday I went to the grand opening (possibly re-opening) of Lot 55. It was an amazing night. If you aren't aware of Lot 55 it is pretty special night club. It's designed to look like a London Street, the sort of which you only really see in musicals and Disney films.

You can go into the shops on one side of the street so there are lots of tiny rooms to have private conversations or more interesting private encounters. The final twist to the venue is that one end of the street opens out into what can best be described as Henry Higgins' Drawing Room. (from My Fair Lady). It is awash with old leather armchairs and is perfect for having slightly flirty conversations by the candle light.

I can't wait to go back, especially on a Friday where the hosts put on the most amazing shows. Not just cabaret type acts, but also street performers just walking around so you never know if the person you are chatting away to is about to start balancing on their hands or doing magic tricks.

The best way I can think of describing the evening was the dream sequence in Labyrinth set in the Blitz. I am going to try and go every week, and not just because there is a soft-spot in my heart for the party organiser.


Clair said...

*ask her out, you nitwit*

Louche said...

I'm staying away from women for the moment, not all women but just in the dating way.