Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why not drinking is bad.

I'm trying to do a whole week with out booze, coffee or chocolate. While I treasure my vices at the best of times, I do think when the pressure is on sometimes they don't help as much as we would like to think they do.

Oh I'm not saying booze isn't a wonderful thing but after the week I've just had I think we need some time apart to see if we really have a future.

Last night was the traditional Friday-in-the-pub, I drank pints of orange juice and managed to leave my card behind the bar so I'm going to have to co-ordinate getting it back today. This is made slightly more complicated as one of my work-chums took my card home so it is about twice as far away as it was before.

I was going to buy a cane today to celebrate getting another raise at work, this time with-out asking. I always like to mark occasions like this by getting something a bit unusual. When I got my first job I bought a beautiful watch, after that a lovely 3/4 length black coat when I left it and so on.

I think it is time I had a cane, a chap can only be so dapper with out a cane and I think it is time to up the stakes.

I just have to get my credit card back first.

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