Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunstroke, girls being offended and missing parties

I managed to give myself Sunstroke yesterday. I had to go down to the King's Road to pick up my credit card from a work chum. It was a bit strange going to the King's Road again after not living there anymore. I used to go there every weekend to do some light shopping at least, every café has a little memory attached to it, every bar a fun night out even some of the shops remind me of special things at happened.

What it was most like was seeing an ex-girlfriend, she had moved on, I had moved on. There was that strange mix of comfort of the familiar and also a sort of cool detachedbehaviorr. Of course it's just a street; and all these thoughts were probably early warning signs that I had caught too much sun.

Afterretrievingg my card I skipped up to Fruitstock to meet up with some chums. Regent's Park is a lovely place, I think it might be the best of the early-date parks. The mixture of crafted lawns and just enough privacy would be perfect for a picnic with a hamper. And it has rowing boats on a lake with weeping willows.

The chums were in good salts and I managed to track them down after a few phone calls to mobiles. I'm amazed how people ever met up at events before mobiles, although so many people were usingtheirss in Regent's Park that the network kept being jammed. I left after a few hours as I had caught a bit too much sun to the point where I felt like I was drunk, I could barely think.

I stumbled home feeling more than a touch unusual with a slight detour to 'explore' St Johns Wood, or put it another way, get hopelessly lost.

A was texting through out the day, she was asking about the picnic as she thought it was a date and then she sent me a slightly terse text message about how she 'didn't appreciate being referred to in that way' about something I had said early in the week about someone else.

I do try to keep our affair a secret at work, while I'm sure everyone suspects really I do occasionally have to provide cover stories for why I'm not going out with the chaps after work. It was one of these cover stories that was mentioned, that A thought was about her. So after I realised she was that annoyed, I called her to explain so I hope the matter is cleared up now.

It was all a bit much to deal with when a chap is feeling under the weather, so much so that he couldn't go to a party. I do hate to miss out on a good party.


Kopaylopa said...

And a very good party it was!!


tlsd said...

I second that!
There's probably left overs if you feel really hard done by...