Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The effect of good clothes

I'm up rather early, I haven't had an awful lot of sleep and none of the things that are troubling me are sorted out.

And yet I'm in a splendid mood, and do you know why? Because I'm wearing my fanatastic new pants. Underwear can be so inspiring sometimes.


BPB said...

You're right, girls are easy to offend.

The asistant isn't upset by any horrid things you said about her... She is however muchly pissed off about how LITTLE was said about her!


Louche said...

Honstly, some people were told that things weren't for their eyes.

I may have to remove this blog now.

tlsd said...

Oh dear... I despise it when people don't respect your wishes... Don't remove yourself Mr Louche you and your penchant for velvet would be sorely missed.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

For some peculiar reason I enjoy reading your blog :)


Louche said...

Tlsd: Of the people to find it, she isn't one of the bad ones, although I did specificially ask her not to look.

Tea & Margaritas: I'm so glad you enjoy it.