Saturday, January 31, 2009

Windmills of your mind

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been working so hard and travelling so much that well I've just been knackered. Here are some facts.

1) I am moving out of London. The commute to work is outrageous and it's slowly killing me. The place I'll be moving to isn't as exciting as London but is about a quarter of the price so I've rented a flat for less than the cost of my weekly train ticket. The plan is to rent a crappy place for a few months and then live somewhere lovely, like a windmill.

2) I still love my job, probably a bit too much. I mean really love it. I've even started to understand the webs of power that are in the office, all companies have them, and if anything it's rather entertaining. This one has fairly low-key political struggles which is probably due to the fact it's mostly chaps working there.

3) The Hitchcock Blonde has just insisted that item 3 is about her. We are still going out, which I think nearly makes her my longest girlfriend EVER. She was not amused by me moving away but we had a chat about it and we are going to give it a go. I then included this chat in a stand-up show which went down very well, well went down well with the audience.

4) That stand-up performance was good, but I think it will be my last. I just don't enjoy it. It might just be because unlike the other gigs I was almost supernaturally tired before I went up on stage or that there was a camera crew there but, well that's it for me and stand-up.

5) I'm going to be dragging the Hitchcock Blonde along to the London motorcycle show today. A year ago I went with H, and well it ended up having quite a far reaching effect on my life. I'm not sure it will have the same effect on The Hitchcock Blonde but I think it will at least amuse her for a while. Read about my visit to the show last year here. I just re-read it and it seems like a different world, and I had no idea I'd end up where I am now. So my advice would be, choose your trade shows wisely.

6) I really need a haircut.

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