Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The university of booze

How much should a chap know about vodka? Well I think a person should know enough any form of alcohol to hold his own in a pub quiz, but not enough to be a bore.

I would say my vodka knowledge is rather lacking in this respect. I know how one drinks it, and have a rough idea of the correct range of temperature to serve it at and if pushed I could probably name a few signature vodkas that one should try but that is about it.

That is going to change in a few hours as tonight I'm going to Vodka University. I had no idea there was such a place but they have invited me to attend and so in the name of investigation I must go.

I'm not sure I'm in much of a state to do any investigating, it was a friend's birthday party last night and I'm still a little broken. It was a great bash, she had managed to fill an entire pub with chums and so at every table there were people chatting away happily about all sorts of nonsense. I couldn't stay long due to the dreaded curfew but thanks to the warm weather and a bit of speed drinking I still managed to get quite broken.

So tired, hungover and mildly reluctant to learn anything? Gosh it will be just like being back at university.


Anonymous said...

"...I think a person should know enough any form of alcohol to hold his own in a pub quiz..."

Hold his own what?

Gorilla Bananas said...

You're on a curfew? Can't you get your flatmate gave you a key?

Amanda Castleman said...

Vodka lore, from an old article:

Forget DEET. Leave the Skin So Soft at home. This summer’s must-have mosquito repellent is brought to you by…Finlandia Vodka.

That’s right. Vodka. Actually, any vodka will do, according to Nordic lore. The point is to get staggeringly drunk, strip naked and pass out in the garden. By morning, the mosaic of mosquito welts confers seasonal immunity. Easy.

This regime is, I’m quite sure, a horrible prank fobbed upon gullible visitors. But the cheerful regulars in a Helsinki bar swear its truth on the grave of their celebrated composer Jean Sibelius. Later it emerges that vodka is indeed part of a natural insect-repellent recipe: applied to the skin and mixed with, say, citronella or clove oil. Binge-drinkers need not apply.

Louche said...

Papercuts - I mean that someone should know enough about vodka to be useful in a round of a pub quiz.

Gorilla - Oh yes, I have keys but, well let's just say while I've been living here I've gained a wealth of comedy material.

Amanda - Do you know if it makes you immune to anything else? Like shame?