Sunday, July 13, 2008

A fete worse than death

I have escaped to Devon for a few days. On Friday I was blinded by a headache, actually blinded so it was quite exciting. I tried to carry on writing for a bit longer with my eyes closed but it still hurt so I decided to go to Devon for a bit of R&R.

The photo is taken from the local fete on Saturday night, a local band were playing (think Spinal Tap with a West Country burr) while local people drank local ale. It was very local.

The relaxing has been limited a bit because a French exchange student is visiting - He is Emo and rather unsuited for country life and also seems to be a bit of a berk. Is it Emo to not say please or thank you? Does the movement include tramping mud around the house on your shoes? Or perhaps that is just part of being an exchange student?


Anonymous said...

Sic the cats on him.

Gorilla Bananas said...

One must always make allowances for the French. I hope the fresh country air is helping your headache.

Louche said...

BigBouquet - The cats don't like him either so they just stay away.

Gorila - The country air is marvellous.