Sunday, July 27, 2008

Close encounters of the hairy kind

I paid a visit to my old neighbour on Friday. A chum was visiting from Dubai and so we were all out for drinks and things to celebrating seeing him again. It was delightful, the old gang together again talking nonsense and playing Wii tennis.

The only slightly risky thing about the party was that as it was my old neighbour it was directly above my old flat which is still occupied by the ex. Luckily I didn't have an encounter with her, and even if I had I doubt she would have recognised me - I walked past the flatmate today in the street and didn't realise it was me. Ho ho ho.

At about 4am I was ruined and my friends bundled me into a cab. Even with a cab I only just about made my way home. I say just about as I couldn't remember my exact address and so had to guide the very grumpy taxi man street by street. I didn't make any mistakes or anything like that but he was furious by the time we arrived home. He was visibly prickling with rage, maybe my new haircut makes men angry.

Since it was so late/early I elected to sleep in the library (instead of enraging the flatmate) until it was a reasonable hour. It was actually quite comfortable. I selected a book, sprawled out on the sofa and in seconds was fast asleep. Even in my drunken state I made sure I arrayed things around me so it looked like I had just fallen asleep while working rather than being a semi-homeless bum waiting out the time until I can go home.

At about 9ish I went up to the flat and went to sleep in my bed which was far more comfortable but less exciting.

I'm still undecided about the new haircut, which is silly as it's done and so it's not as if it can be undone any time soon. It's entertaining being completely invisible in the presence of friends, although I'm sure that will wear off eventually but I do slightly miss having distinctively long hair.

On the plus side the new look seems to be a hit with the girls, post-comedy gig a friend of a friend (who was also performing) made some not terribly subtle enquiries about my relationship status and then on Friday night another friend of a friend loudly declared to the pub that she had taken a shine to me.

We had been drinking so it wasn't entirely out of place but it still caught me off guard. So it appears that my old long hair while pleasantly roguish was perhaps a bit of a poor choice when it comes to the ladies. Only time will tell I suppose.


Gorilla Bananas said...

A lot of girls must have thought you were pretty but gay when you had long hair. The Captain Picard bullet-head look might get you even more attention.

Sarah said...

It ain't the hair (or the lack of it) - it's how you wear it that counts!

Anonymous said...

The shorn look is ever so trendy over here. And, besides the girls, maybe the new look will also net "real" yes-answers for a time, instead of the suspiciously fake job-related yes you were getting....

Fingers crossed anyway.

Worst case scenario, maybe the shorn look is scarier in case you want to get in their face and have a good holler about money owed or answer due!