Thursday, July 10, 2008

Drinking and rolling

I've got a roller skating party tonight. Some chaps are trying to bring it back, not that I ever remember it being 'in' but that is probably due to growing up in a rural area. Even at it's raging peak roller skating didn't impact much on my young life because there really wasn't much tarmac about to roll on.

It's going to be an 80s themed roller skating evening, so vintage wear is encouraged. This works rather well for me as I have a retro styled leather jacket for riding motorbikes that will definitely look the part and as an added benefit is armoured so it will provide some protection for when I fall.

Falling isn't really optional, I last wore skates in about '88, maybe a bit before then and I wasn't terribly impressed by them. The bash tonight is a launch thingy so there will be a free bar so I fear the combination of cocktails and roller skates might be a little dangerous. Perhaps I should wear the rest of my bike gear as well just to be safe.

Either way, tickets have been terribly hard to get hold of, which is always a good sign. Any party where the organisers say bring as many people as you like should set off little alarm bells. I mean organised parties, not house parties, they follow an entirely different set of rules.

I've been off the party circuit for a couple of weeks, and yet it feels like an age.


Mrs Pouncer said...

Dear Mr Louche, Far be it from me to pour d'eau froide on your party, but the accompanying llustration is from my vintage, when rollerskating was indeed fun, frivolous and a little glamorous. Witness the dainty metal skates ("anklesnappers" we called them), the little flounced skirts, the giggling, the highly polished floors, and the fact that the immediate postwar generation were lithe and unfettered by fat. Now, I fear, the picture is different, and the beastly spectre of Health and Safety will have reared up and insisted on rubberised floorcoverings, invalid-style handrails, the presence of the St John's Ambulance Brigade and, worst of all, great galumphing "skates" which resemble diving boots. All skaters will appear to have club-feet, or some other orthopaedic horror, and the sheer bulk of the modern youth, wheeling about in an alcohol-assisted frenzy, is not a pleasant picture. The younger generation should slim down a bit before they fancy themselves as being as thistledown on a skating-rink. I only say this because I care.

amusing said...
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Anonymous said...

My 80s vintage skates are in the basement in their box. They look like blue adidas sneakers, with four blocky wheels on each foot. I was a skating queen in my day. The roller boys would try to get me drunk on Baileys and other sickeningly sweet toxins they thought girls liked. They never had their way with me, cuz I skated farther and faster!

Louche said...

Mrs Pouncer - I assure you that there was a lot of giggling involved when I was skating and the drinking was kept to a minimum - I've never been so restrained when faced with limitless free booze. I had one cocktail to toast a friend and that was it.

BigBoquet - Are you tempted to dig out the skates? I'm mildly tempted to invest in a pair now.