Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tanks, tanks, tanks!

Tanks are skill, actually think of the best thing ever, then like times it by a lot (more than six) and you aren't even close to how brilliant tanks are.

To misquote Spinal Tap.

"How much more good could tanks be?
None, None more good."

Rumbling around in that motorised killing machine was the best thing ever, well I say best thing, but we got to play with the gun, and that was even betterererer. If you ever get the chance to mess around in tanks, do. The one I was messing around in was an APC, but with a turret. It was a rare special edition of the FV432 that has a turret with a proper gun in. The tank I was playing in was used to patrol the Berlin wall to protect it from David Hasselhoff.

It's supposed to be a good starter tank because it is manageable 17 tonnes and you could service it yourself. Sadly the price of them has gone through the roof with the situation in Iraq as instead of getting rid of these aging monsters the MOD is retrofitting them and sending them out to Afghanistan.

Still, where the tanks are, I must go. I'm off to join the army now. Bye

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