Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smart Cars, Tanks and old coats

I put on an old coat today, it's a double breasted affair that I've not worn for months, some time last year really. It's pockets were full of junk so it was like going back in time. There were receipts from bars I can't remember going to and a business card for 'Ruth' that had 'call me' on the back in red pen. Of course I chucked it all in the bin, or the recycling box to be exact, but it made me smile.

I also had my first go in a smart car today, one that looks almost exactly like the one in the picture, I'm borrowing it off a friend to drive up north to mess around in tanks for a newspaper. I like the idea of turning up to a tank battle in a Smart Car, it seems plucky and faintly rediculous. That's me almost exactly.

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Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh Louche, I`m so sorry to hear about your Dad. I haven`t had to experience that yet.
What a fabulous picture of him on the bike though! Must get back for a visit sooner next time.
Congratulations on your great career upturn too :)