Friday, September 21, 2007

A mixed day

Yesterday was technically a good day, possibly a brilliant day. I have managed to get a book deal, it's for a sort of book I wouldn't have thought I would be writing but the money is good and it is a fun project.

What made the whole thing more entertaining is the project required a consummate gambler to write about casinos. I hate gambling, but in the interviews I was successfully able to give the impression of some sort of James Bond type who has been playing Craps since he could roll snake eyes. I'm not that person, I think gambling is stupid and the more I researched into the subject the more I realised the Casinos are on to a brilliant scam. Either way the book is going to be entertaining to write and it should lead on to other things - I'll have to think of other subjects I don't like so I can write a guide to them

All sorts of other things are happening now too, so the career part of my life is very much taking off which leads me to the kicker. I wanted to tell my dad about it all.

While this didn't ruin my entire evening it did rather put a downer on it, and then I had a night riddled with nightmares last night. I always do when I think of my dad.

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lou said...

It does get easier... eventually.
I promise.