Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've got a bike

It was London Freecycle today, large sections of the city were given over to the exclusive pursuit of bimbling around on bikes.

I could go on about it, but nothing I could say would be as good as this robot panda that was cycling around with a lady in a tweed suit.

Some other stuff happened this weekend which wasn't so good, but I can't go into it because it's just a bit too much to deal with right now.

I wish I had a robot panda.


lou said...

Hey K went to that!

She failed to mention she'd dressed up as a panda tho...

Clair said...

I wish I had a robot panda, too. They must be fabulously diverting. I also wish I had the life-sized, petrol-powered elephant which Jeremy
Clarkson once had on the telly.