Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Charlie on a bike

I'm having one of the bad days. It's partly my own fault for trying to write about things to do with my dad, just a few words can turn me into a mess. Still it's all part of the process.

Anyway, here is a picture of my dad when he was at Eton, this photo appeared in the national papers and got him in quite a bit of trouble.

I think it's a brilliant photo, it's sort of a symbol of what was fun about my dad.


Susan said...

fabulous picture!

hang in there. it's tough.

Clair said...

I cherish a pic of my late dad on a bike. He was a fighting army man, and in the pic, he looks like a more handsome Nicolas Cage. Things like that make grief simultaneously harder and more easy; harder because they're not there, easier because you know what kind of amazing person they were.

Be kind to yourself, as Susan says, it's hard.

Sarah said...

Excellent Photo! Tres Steve McQueen!

Piqued said...

BSA Bantom? He must have got quite a head of steam to get the bastard that high off the ground.

Lovely shot, I have lots of pics of my dad and my granddad on bikes too, none of them are doing that though.

However, a few survive of yours truly involved in such derring do.