Monday, September 24, 2007

If you're sad, look at a monkey

There are some things that are guaranteed to cheer you up, no matter what is going on. My little brother was feeling very sad about the whole father situation so I showed him what the Internet was really for.

Watching monkeys drink their pee.

It's impossible not to laugh when you watch some cheeky chimp have a good drink of wee-wee from it's winky. I don't know why, possibly because it takes you back to School when you used to occasionally sit next to the mildly naughty kid who would do pointlessly silly things just because he could, like eat crayons or snort crushed up Polos and you would spend the whole lesson trying not to laugh.

It's also impossible to be sad when listening to Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert, it's so willfully plucky. I can't share the tune with you but you can hum it to yourself while you watch a monkey sup it's special lemonade.

Oh, it's such a naughty little monkey.

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