Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sorry it's been a few days, I've been having too much fun to sit down and write, here are the main things that have happened.

Death Valley
It is shockingly hot, amazingly so. One person required medical attention because they were so dehydrated but surviving it felt like really achieving something. I rather enjoyed it. We got buzzed by an F16 and the Pilot waved at us, that was exciting. I rode about without a helmet, which was weird but interesting.

The Grand Canyon
Go and see this. Pictures will never get across how utterly epic it is. I went for a helicopter ride around it which was awesome. The pilot played the theme from 2001 as we crossed over the rim and the lady next to me cried because it was so beautiful. It was aces.

When we landed I found a quiet spot on a sticking out rock, dangled my legs over the edge and took a moment. When the time was right, I released the remains of my dad into the breeze. It was apt, I think that's the best way of describing it. Just after I released the remains a raven or some huge black bird appeared on a gust of wind, so when I went to the Indian Market I brought a raven totem thingy which now lives around my neck. I feel different now.

It's quite hot, dry, as in no booze and after the Grand Canyon everything else is a bit meh. The roads in Utah are straight, we managed 15 miles without any sort of turning or bend, which is actually a bit dull. I like bendy roads. I'm tired too, we have been getting up really early to get ahead of the heat and I've not got the hang of going to bed early yet.

In other news I've got the stupidest tan ever. Shorts + bike boots = tannned knees.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you're back, dear fellow. From jelly dinosaurs to unique moments you're willing to share like a raven on the wind...