Thursday, July 02, 2009

America, the final day.

Well my time in America is drawing to a close, and I'm sad but also I can't wait to go back and see Chuck. I've not seen her in three weeks and that is far, far too long.

Vegas was interesting. At first I hated it. It was hot, I'd been ordered to wear my helmet (which is a nightmare in 42c stop-start traffic) and I was tired. We entered the strip from the crappy end and it was surprisingly like Skegness. Really it was.

I was meeting B, my chum so at about 8ish I hopped on the bike (sans helmet) and rode down the strip in the dark. That was amazing, really amazing. It was still extremely warm but at least my head wasn't cooking and all the lights, screens and other things to attract your attention are very engaging. I didn't even mind the heavy traffic because it gave me more time to enjoy the scenery.

I picked up B and we zoomed back to the hotel, Circus Circus (very tacky even for Vegas.) dropped off the bike and grabbed something to eat. B was introduced to my bike chums and then we went off on the drinking adventure.

B arranged for us to meet up with one of her Vegas chums, a delightful Russian Ex-Goth 'Go Go dancer' who took us to, I think about 7 different casinos while we drank cocktails and cackled like loons. There was also a bit of competitive chili eating. This went on until about 4am where we got tired of places being dead.

I had previously thought that Vegas never sleeps but on a Tuesday it definitely takes a nap. So at about five-ish we said goodbye, I went back to my room, drunkenly phoned Chuck and fell asleep. At about 7sh I woke up again, ordered B to get up and went off in search of more fun. The tattoo place wasn't open so instead we just had breakfast and then went tat shopping.

This was also entertaining, they do make some good rubbish in Vegas. Sadly then I had to leave. The tour had split, the fun people were going to stay in Vegas and the not fun were leaving on time. I joined the not fun people because I felt a moral duty to since I was 'at work'. This was a mistake and the next 7 hours of riding were extremely dull, but I suppose life is like that sometimes.

I will have to go back to Vegas again, I'll make a point of never seeing it during daylight though. That's just wrong.

I have been changed by my time in America. My riding has come on really well, just from being in the saddle for so long and going on such endlessly wiggly roads. There were days when I just seemed to ride the same hairpin for hours.

I've also had a lot of time to think about things, and since I said goodbye to my dad at the Grand Canyon I do feel very different, as if a weight has been lifted. I'm hoping this effect will last through the change back to normal time and the real world in England.

A good holiday should change you, and I've had life changing ones before, the trip to Italy for example, so perhaps this one will be too. I definitely feel like a different person.

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