Monday, June 15, 2009

California, Chuck and (motor)Cycles

Quite a bit has happened since this blog disappeared. To get everyone (well no-one right now, but invites will be sent out soon) up to speed here are the key facts.

In four days I'm off to California to ride around various naturally beautiful places for work. It's going to be the first two week holiday I've had in years, at least three and it's going to be my first paid holiday longer than 7 days, well ever. It's also going to be my first travel feature so that's exciting too.

I'm really looking forward to it, although it doesn't feel quite real yet. While I'm out there I'm going to scatter a few of my dad's hairs (taken from his old helmet) in some interesting places. I am currently planning on letting them drift away on an gust of air at the Grand Canyon. Then I shall say a few words and take a moment. This will be the funeral I never got, and perhaps it will let me move on at last.

Things are still going on. Chuck and I, are an item. In the past six weeks we have spent only three nights apart, and only one of those through choice. It's been amazing, but also occasionally a bit tense. I think this is just part of getting to know someone, and perhaps spending a bit too much time with them. Or at least I hope that is why we've had a couple of, well not arguments but conversations that weren't just about how lovely the other person smelt.

I'm not going to see her for a month now (she is on holiday at the moment) so we will have some time to think about things and the like. We didn't part on the best of terms, which was, well it was my fault really but my actions were logical, if silly. We have spoken since and it's a bit better but it still feels a bit fragile.

I've never had terribly long relationships. The moment they start to get complicated is the moment I run off and take someone else out for champagne and so I'm not quite sure how this bit works. I would like it to work. Chuck is like no-one else I've ever met and while I'm not sure about our long term future there are days when I'd very much like to marry her.

My biking is coming on a treat, I've just been assessed by the police and I passed with flying colours. This means a lot to me as I've not been riding for long on the road (really only since the start of this year). To have a slightly stern police chap say 'That was excellent, and considering you've not been riding long that was extremely accomplished, well done' was a nice thing.

I'm still enjoying work, and it's coming on really well. I'm just not terribly good at managing stress yet. I care a bit too much, which is causing some friction with Chuck and I. I need to work on that.

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