Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ealing Comedies and casual racism

A bit of a busy day yesterday. I had to train up my lieutenant to do the important bits of my job while I'm away. It's a weird one that training chaps up for that.I felt guilty about not wanting him to do it too well. Not that works like that, but you know what I mean.

After work I had to start the packing, and had a minor emergency. I'd asked for some hair (yes I know it sounds weird, but it's 'remains') from my dad to be posted up but it hadn't appeared. It turns out it was tucked into a suit that had arrived a week earlier and I hadn't seen it. As you can imagine losing remains isn't as funny as Ealing Comedies would have us believe and I got a bit upset. Thankfully I did find them and calmed down just enough for my one on one IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) lesson.

It went well, I've just completed a series of police biking lesson things and so my riding is coming on nicely. The chap was pleased with my progress, especially over the course of the lesson and he wants to book my test now. So that is nice, the only wobbly bit was when he drew a direct link with the dangers of the road with the increased number of foreign people in the country. I suppose, since I've been in London for so long, this sort of statement catches me off guard somewhat.

After my lesson a chap from work dropped over some slightly distasteful, yet extremely good luggage for me to take to America and I went to sleep.

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