Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr Livingstone and RealPolitik

The sports war has taken another step. I told my boss that I though the reason for the friction was my lack of experience when it came to sport. I held back on telling him that I thought sport was a load of old toss, which makes me feel I have grown as a person.

It is a load of old toss though.

I've started packing for my adventure now, well sort of pre-packing. In that I've mentally selected some items that I have to take and then dug out the largest bag I have. This bag isn't quite enough. I know that my biking costume will fill it instantly so I need a larger one. I did toy with wearing the biking costume onto the plane but it has a few flaws.

1) It's got lots of metal in it. When I went to the TT and rode to the airport I had to get almost completely naked to get through the metal detector.

2) It's more than a little warm. I suppose I could take the thermal lining out, which would help. It's rather bulky too. Armour is good while riding, less so when squeezing into a seat on a flight.

3) It's a biking costume. When I'm screaming across a desert on a motorbike, it will most definitely look the part. When I'm sweating through Heathrow, with a tonne of luggage trying to find my gate. I'll just look like a berk.

Also since I'll be wearing it for two weeks almost solidly I'd like to be able to wear something else on the plane at least, especially on the way back.

Someone at work is going to lend me some luggage, so I should really hold off on packing until then.

This isn't a valid excuse as to why I've not got any American money yet, or any of the specialist supplies I've been told to get. I have to stock up on dehydration tablets (Death valley is supposed to be a touch warm) and Vaseline because spending days upon days in the saddle is going to be sore on my poor bot.

I can't wait though, two weeks of being away from it all is going to be spiffing. Just me, a bike and the open road. Ding dong.

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Kopaylopa said...

You can just get money at the ATM at the airport.. you don't really need it in advance. And most places take credit cards if there's no ATM about!