Monday, June 15, 2009

A note on editors

This blog was gone for a while, it was nearly gone forever.

It disappeared because The Hitchcock Blonde's mum sent me some hate mail for moving on. It was extremely unpleasant and really knocked me for six, well a dozen to be accurate. Then the Hitchcock Blonde sent me an email that started off apologising for her mum and ended up in hate mail. That was also unpleasant.

They have both been removed from my life. Phone numbers deleted, Facebook ties severed, the works. Dead. To. My. Eyes.

For a while I closed down this blog, it will remain private for quite some time but I found that without somewhere to vent and be silly I was getting quite stressed.

I think the important thing here is to not give someone editoral control. No matter how unpleasant they are via email.

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