Monday, June 15, 2009

Girls are weird

It's nice to be blogging again, it really is. It's a bit sad this blog will be hidden for a while, it's going to have to be like that for a while at least. Ho-hum. Let's all just band together and enjoy the Blitz spirit, eh?

Worse things have happened and all that. Actually I realise I should clear things up about Chuck and being an item. Specifically, she is not my girlfriend. While she doesn't kiss anyone else, and neither do I, we aren't actually an item. She is a bit weird about that. I have mentioned it's weird but girls are funny about being called weird.

Other people think it's weird too, including her friends, but it's just a thing. You know, a thing like not liking Cheese Cake (me) or liking Eastenders (her). I like to know where I stand with people so it's, well it's been a bit weird for me.

I'm not saying you have to sign a formal declaration the moment you meet, but if you are spending every night with someone, it's something else isn't it? If they have a toothbrush at your house, well that's something girlfriends have.

Although logically it's just a title, isn't it? Or is it?

Girls are weird. I suppose that's why I like them.*



Lost in the USA said...

I have missed you.

Kopaylopa said...

Heathrow's not my boyfriend. Boys are weird. :)

(Nice to be back!)


Louche said...

Lost - It's business as usual, it's just invite only.

K - I am, and I will always be very suspicious of people who want to spend lots of time with you but are weird about making it 'official'.