Monday, June 22, 2009

I've had, the time of my life.

You know those dreams you have, where something so wonderful is happening you are desperate not to wake up? The dreams where you can fly or you have a pet dinosaur made out of jelly. The dreams where everything is just perfect and you don't want it to end.

That's what today has been like, well the latter half of today. The start was a bit iffy. We picked up the bikes from the dealership and then got ready to set off. I packed my bike really quickly and then I had to hang around for ages, like hours for other people to have quite heated domestics about who should have the most space for socks.

It really was quite fighty. Then we wobbled into the San Francisco traffic and slowly made our way to the Golden Gate bridge. I don't like riding in groups that much, especially with people I don't know so this wasn't that much fun. People got lost, pulled stupid manoeuvres and other naughty things. It was roasting hot too.

Once we were over the bridge things got a bit better. The highway gave people a bit ore room to mess about, far away from me so I could relax a bit. After a bit of highway riding we turned right onto a completely straight road for ages. It was like the ultimate roman road.

At some magical point the road started wiggling up and down some hills, the it wiggled some more. We turned right into Yosemite park and the road really got it's wiggle on. I've never been on such an well maintained, bendy and interesting road. It was marvellous. I could go home now and I'd be happy.

The air was pleasantly warm, the bike was behaving and the new tyres were finally scrubbed in so for an hour so I was entirely in the moment and I didn't think about anything else. Bliss.

After the wiggly road we arrived at our hotel in the wilderness. It's faintly reminiscent of the hotel in Dirty Dancing but sadly I've not managed to find the underground dance club for people who work here. Not that I could do that much dancing. I'm too knackered.

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