Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A storm of butterflies

Yesterday was good. We entered Yosemite park for the first time. It's huge, I always thought Hyde Park was pretty good going but Yosemite is vast and extremely bumpy.

As we entered the park we had to ride through a storm of butterflies. It was beautiful and amazing, and a bit horrible at the same time. I tried to dodge as many as possible but I still ate a few.

Our first stopping point was a waterfall. Bride falls I think. It was very impressive, and refreshing. There were big signs telling you to stay off the rocks, so of course we scamped over the rocks for more impressive photos. I've identified the 'naughty group' in the tour so I tend to ride around with them now. They are here without their wives and so are being pleasantly childish.

After the waterfall we rode around a bit stopping to take photos of views so epic I can't even believe myself when I remember them. Then we had lunch. Chuck called me, which was nice. The shoes went down well, but I think the really important thing was that I told her about scattering the remains. I'm glad things are less chilly between us again.

Lunch was a salmon burger with sweet potato chips. It was nice, but I'm starting to get worried by how much rubbish I'm eating. We fuelled up and then made our way to Glacer Point. The road up there was brilliantly wiggly but frustrating because traffic caused us to take it very, very slowly. It was worth the ride though because the view is, well it's awesome in the tradiional sense of the word.

I spent about an hour just looking at stuff. It's 7000 feet up and you can see for miles and miles. On the left of the viewing place there is a huge rock overhanging the cliff. It sticks out surprisingly far, so of course Team Naughty and I scrambled over the signs saying 'do not climb here' and took photos of us striking macho poses.

We ran off before any park rangers could find us and rode to the motel on yet another amazingly wiggly road (with positive camber!) we were stuck behind a coach for a while but once that pulled over it was excellent fun.

The motel is on the main strip of a weird, typically American town. We went to the local biker bar and drank beer before going to a 'BBQ shack' and eating fairly crappy food. I'm going to try and be healthy today and eat something that wasn't fried in lard.

Today we are going to see the biggest tree ever, and some other things. I'm going to go and buy some headphones so I can listen to music while riding. I want to make an album my American Trip music, so that when I listen to it I will remember this trip.

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