Monday, June 15, 2009

Eleventy twelvety bazillion great

I found my old Ipod when I was last home. It's sort of alive again. The screen is still mashed but the Ipod behind the scenes is just about ticking over. This means, my large collection of strange music is with me again.

Listening to some of the tunes is like going back in time, not very far admittedly, it sort of starts in 2002/3ish. Still it's nice. I listen it it and I'm back to some strange places, with some strange girls, or strange cocktails.

They remind me of seemingly endless summers, drinking with friends near Hyde Park. Frantically getting ready for dates with girls I don't even know the name of. Walking home from friends houses at stupid hours in the morning with only music to keep me awake. Eating strawberries with company, while lying naked in a sun beam. Rattling over hills in Italy, after near-death experiences.

Waltzing in the front room at the end of an affair when we both know it's over. The first sparkly eyed glance over a drink that says 'well hello'. Stumbling from one party to another, with a hand full of goodie bags and a crumpled invite.

Cycling through Hampstead in the rain. Walking people to get them cabs at 7am after staying up all night and then going straight into work. Bursting into warm pubs in winter months, and getting a cheer just because you turned up.

Cocktails at a complete strangers house, in an unknown part of town, just because.

A thousand weekends that started with a badly stuffed weekend bag and a picnic hamper, a hundred strangers met for the weirdest of reasons that became friends, tens of interesting women and one wonderful city, London.

Sometimes you have to stand and look back, just so you can say to yourself
'I say, I really did have a jolly spiffing time, what?'


Clair said...

Yes, we did;-)

Secret blogging, eh? Shall I get back on the bike, too?

Louche said...

Yeah, it's like The Web B or something. Posting stuff that only a dozen or so people can see.