Monday, June 22, 2009

Walking with mad people

Who would have thought it, they have The Internet in America. It's amazing. My phone even works over here, although I suspect it will cost me bajillions to make calls.

I'm typing this on my new laptop. It's one of those tiny little notebook ones (I needed one for work), and because they had no other colour, it's pink. Super gay pink. It was a bit of a bargin, even after I was hit with sales tax.

It's the most camp item of consumer electronics that I own and I rather like it.

San Francisco is rather nice, it seems really relaxed. Spiritually it's like Brighton, or any south coast Victorian town but it's just a bit cleaner. Actually it's a lot cleaner. It's spotless. I've been doing a few touristy things before the epic voyage begins.

I went to Alcatraz which was interesting, and yet dull at the same time. I jail is well it's a house with more iron work. Once you've seen one tiny room with a broken loo in it you've seen them all.

The rest of S.F. is charming and bumpy, I'd like to spend more time here if I could exploring. Yesterday I went on a ghost tour. It was a bit if an accident. I happened to be in the lobby when the guide turned up, he was dressed like such a berk I just had to go along.

The level of horrifying supernatural tales was pretty low. Or any sort of creepy atmosphere. It wasn't a spooky insight into the spirits of San Francisco, instead, I went for a walk with a mad person who did some crappy street magic. Actually when I describe it like that it was pretty good value.

Anyway it's time to eat breakfast and then we saddle up.

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