Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sports war

I have trouble with sports. I've never been into watching them. I can enjoy a nice game of croquet, and if pushed will even play football in the park but I think watching sport is a complete waste of time. This goes for all sports, it's like organised religion, I just don't get it.

This makes me unusual compared to a lot of chaps. Most chaps even. It's not really caused me that much trouble in my life so far. There has been the occasional football related conversation that has left me cold but that's about it.

At my current work it is a problem. There is a sports desk. They are old school, terribly old school. They are, big fish in their respective small ponds and I'm the new, erm, frog? In town? As part of my job I have to provide coverage at the weekends, which means I have to edit their stories and put up some sports results for the motor racing. I hate it, and I get incredibly stressed doing it.

The putting up of stories is stressful because it involves sitting around waiting, next to a computer, for them to send the stories over and then uploading them super fast to the website. If you don't upload them in seconds, you get abuse. So you spend the whole day waiting around for them. Sometimes I'll get a text message at 9pm ordering a story to be put up. This ruins weekends, you get a bit of time-off for doing weekend coverage but not two whole days.

The second part is silly. We have to get hold of the results from the race and put them up as fast as possible. Then we have to write a report on the race, on the race I can't see because I don't have the telly package. As you can imagine this is quite challenging.

Add into the mix I just don't care about the races, and the fact that I know the sports section of the website brings in the least money of any part of it. I can prove this with facts, yet it causes me the most trouble and stress.

I had a weekly meeting today where my boss said that the sports chaps had revealed that 'I get their backs up'. I'm not quite sure how to deal with that. I'm sort of angry, because I've only ever been nice to them.

I don't know how to deal with this really, I'd like to have some sort of meeting but I'm not sure how I get my point across in the correct manner. Gah.

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