Sunday, September 14, 2008

A series of observations

1) Sometimes it is good to meet your heroes as they will turn out to be unbelievably nice and you will have a long chat about all sorts of things including both losing members of your family to cancer and if you should keep their numbers in your phone. You should as a way of remembering them.

2) Male bonding is very special, you can go with a group of complete strangers to do something. After doing that thing for about fifteen minutes, unable to see the other people or talk to them you are firm friends. I've just realised that description makes it sound like I engaged in a depraved sex-act this weekend, I didn't.

3) It's not a proper weekend away unless some part of you aches afterwards. Again, sounds like a rude thing.

4) Sometimes when you are trying to make a series of observations just end up seemingly hinting that you did rude things with large groups of men.

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Clair said...

Just :-), really...