Friday, December 07, 2007

Wine, public relations and the law

I went wine tasting last night. It was the office Christmas party so we went to a great wine shop in Bloomsbury with a little room downstairs full of interesting bottles. After about five minutes of tasting our team had identified the first round of wines from a list but we decided in the interest of being sure we would give them a very thorough tasting, very thorough indeed.

Due to this dedication we found identifying the second round of wines much more tricky. I didn't get notes of raisins or a complex taste just 'red' and 'makes my tongue go numb'. Through luck more than anything else we managed to get them right but sadly were disqualified from winning because we got all our questions correct which made the judge suspicious.

I also learnt an interesting fact about liable law in England. If you say something about someone and it is untrue you can be sued but if you are just rude to them there is nothing they can do.

So to say the actor Jeff Cruise is gay would get me in a lot of trouble but if I said Jeff Cruise was a wanker. Well that is fine.

I'm currently waiting for a P.R. to get back to me, I would be providing some publicity for one of her clients in exchange for a quote but they are being a nightmare about it. Still writing about nonsense makes a nice change from writing about the value of bets or trying to explain the rules to yet another game of 'lose your money fast'

Oh and no new interesting searches this week, apart from 'Birthday Helmet'. I'm sure the searcher was looking for something else when he or she arrived here.

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