Friday, December 28, 2007

The end of an aga

Please excuse the pun, but it is that time of year and a key part of my mother's house is changing. This Christmas has been a strange one, I've had some things I really wanted - like a moka pot and a lovely new shirt and somethings I could have done with out. A long email from T.P. detailing how awful I am.

Christmas was a touch sad because I missed my dad. When I was wrapping presents it felt like I had missed someone out and when Christmas Day happened I found myself waiting for him to call as he did every year. It's a troubling time of year because it was around Christmas seven years ago that my mother discovered he was having an affair and he was gone by New Year's Day.

So I suppose this feels like the end of that period, the seven years of sadness where a family fell to pieces.

What makes this feeling of change even more potent is that the aga is being replaced. The Aga has been the heart of the house for as long as I can remember, it's always on and burbling along to itself like a cast-iron chicken. Making the kitchen warm and being a source of freshly baked rolls. On the top of the aga the lids are slightly dented after years of people sitting on them while having difficult chats about things. You can deal with anything while sat on the hot top of the aga with the drying socks dangling above your head.

With oil prices going up so much it's being replaced with a Heritage, which burn much more efficiently and are better in every way. It seems like a potent symbol of change, almost as potent as my new socks.

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