Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The time has come to go to war

If the last year has taught me anything it has been that a capacity for being pleasant is readily abused and that a well placed handkerchief can improve almost any outfit.

The war with the second wife progresses and after her loopy letters and various high and mighty emails from uncles about 'family duty'. I have jolly well had enough of suffering in silence. War has been declared, I have told them in no uncertain terms that if she is going to the memorial service, I shall not.

While my sister was talking about never speaking the family again I feel this is a bit too much of a passive response and well I'm bally well not up for that.

So listen here, Himmler. I will not be surrendering and all the other wags who have recently been taking liberties with me, it stops now.

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Clair said...

I love you when you're all Churchillian. You're what makes Britain great, you are *dons ATS uniform and salutes*.