Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a carry on

People are predictable. If someone starts acting strangely and you can't work out why they are suddenly doing something so weird there are only two reasons why this may happen.

The first is money. This happens less in day to day relationships but I think it should get a mention because the amount of corruption going on in local county councils is amazing. You wouldn't believe the things that people are getting away with here in Devon. It's really shocking.

The other man reason why someone starts acting strangely is sex, typically affairs. If someone suddenly breaks up with you with talk of 'needing more space' or 'wanting to find themselves' as much as they would like to pretend that they have had an epiphany it's really just they have met someone else.

This is extra topical because of memorial arrangements. My uncle, who is a bit of a rotter and has spent his whole live doing very little but sleeping with rich women and living off their largess has started acting strangely. He is married, of course but that has never slowed him down. I say strangely because his actions over the funeral thing seem to make no logical sense.

Why is he doing everything he can to please the Himmler woman? With out a care about how it affects his brother's children? Why because they are having an affair.

I don't know how long it's been going on, but Himmler did also try and seduce my dad's best friend when he was there during my Dad's final days. This woman is just horrible, and so is my uncle. I mean really. Can't someone just show a modicum of self control?


Kim said...

Having read Hamlet, I believe you know your duty.

Clair said...

That memorial service'll be like a more sober version of the end of The Graduate, when you reveal who's had who, then run out of the church, after smacking your uncle on the genitals with a large metal spoon, and glove-slapping Himmler.

Louche said...

Kim - Hamlet eh? As far as I remember that ends with a huge sword fight so that sounds perfect.

Clair - Can it be a metal glove?