Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'We need to talk'

Is never a good thing to hear, nothing good has ever happened after someone has said that statement. T.P. has been acting strangely for the past few days, more strange than usual and now she wants to have a talk about us.

This is after a 'is this really working?' type conversation over the weekend. This was a strange conversation because I couldn't see what was wrong, but after her insisting maybe she is right? It wasn't as if she was complaining about something I had done.

In a bit I'm going to walk home to have this talk. I'm not looking forward to the walk, or the talk.

Previously there has been the occasional moment when Louche-TP relations have been a bit low but nothing serious. There was the incident when I heartlessly ordered a take-away pizza or the time when I didn't look her parents enough in the eyes when they came over for supper, and we do not speak of shelves but this seems somehow different and much worse.

For one thing we have started being terribly polite to each other, that's always a worrying sign. Oh dear, oh dear indeed.

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