Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mad woman

As it is the festive season it's the time of madness. Today the family (mothers, brother, sister and I) all recieved letters from my father's second wife.

I don't know if she is just bored, or maybe she is high on the fumes from goat dung but she seemed to think it would be a good idea to send letters to us all. I suggest that she might be intoxicated on some sort of drug because the letters are horrible. The first paragraph or so is faux-friendly and then it is sprinkled with various nasty comments about how we excessively bothered my dad during his final month by daring to contact him and other such things. They are not friendly or pleasant messages.

I can't imagine what this woman thought these letters would achieve but it just reminded me again about how some people are just nasty and one shouldn't have time for them.

That's a lovely thought for Christmas.


piqued said...

Write her a letter back, Sir... Put plops in it

Louche said...

You know that is exactly the sort of clear minded thinking that gets things done.

Have you thought of working in conflict resolution?

Clair said...

What Piqued said. Don't let the auld bitch get away with it. As well as the droppings, do point out that she's not the only person who feels his loss, and that you understand that as she's on her own she might feel especially lonely at Christmas, but that's nobody's fault. Also that you're sure the BNP would be glad for volunteer to serve meals to old Nazis this festive season, and with her background she'd be perfect.

bree said...

i think she's after a reaction and the best thing you could do is to step up, sir louche, to the higher ground and not sully the positive steps you made with your dad towards the 'end' by undertaking ongoing communication with the unfortunate bint of whom you speak.

says i.