Monday, December 17, 2007

Banana Theory

The weekend was nothing if not eventful. I went for lunch with some old female friends to get out of the flat and have a good talk about things, by things I mean various relationships exploding. It was lovely talking with the girls, they gave some useful insights into the female mind as well as lots of useful advice my favourite of which is the Banana Theory.

If you break up with someone you should move out of the flat, right away. Think of it as a painting with a banana in it. If you take the banana out of the painting it is a banana, so it's fine. The painting however now has something missing so it doesn't feel complete anymore. The person who was explaining this theory couldn't remember why it was a banana.

So I'm not in the flat anymore, I'm elsewhere because when I was in the flat working it didn't feel like it was over. It just felt like she was on holiday and any minute she would return and things would be as they were, as if the last week hadn't happened.

Meeting up with the girls was great. We went for lunch, but didn't leave until 9pm so you can imagine what sort of state we were in. The nice thing about having a large circle of female friends who you can really talk to is that you get the truth about what was going on, they provide such insight into things. Sometimes it's a bit painful to be told but I think it's always worth it.

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