Thursday, December 06, 2007


I finished off the chapter on Craps today, now I'm working on Baccarat. I also managed to do most of another piece. I've never managed to squeeze 5,000 words out of my head in one day before. I don't think I'll be able to do it every day, I feel 'stretched thin' by all this working. I feel tired, but it's a different sort of being knackered, like being in a long distance race against yourself.

It's a good clean sense of exhaustion like you get after stripping down an engine or building a table out of wood. It's nice too because I'm busy writing, I think this is the moment when I feel like I'm really doing this as a job rather than dabbling in it so see if I can.

Looking back on a year ago when I think what I was going through then with the troubles with A and hating my job, well I'm glad it's over.

Speaking of girls, T.P. has been acting a bit strange lately, she has been going out and drinking with mysterious friends and coming home late. Last night she even stayed at her parents place, I've got no idea what that is about but it does have me worried.


Clair said...

As someone once wrote to me at TV Quick, 'Well done, and keep up the writing'.

Louche said...

That's lovely.