Friday, November 23, 2007

Your future in cars

Many years ago, when I was going to lots of job interviews I developed an automotive fortune telling system to tell if the interview was going to go well.

I was trying to get a job in an industry I had no real qualifications for so I ended up going to a lot of interviews while I learned exactly what one has to say to get a job. My system was simple, if I saw an Audi TT on the way to the interview it would go well. At the time Audi TTs were extremely rare so spotting one was an unusual thing and they soon became clear indicators of good fortune.

It was brilliant, and would provide something to do while walking from one place to another while rehearsing stock answers to vapid questions in my head. I remember when I went to an interview for a place I really wanted to work at I spotted that one of the people there (my future boss) had an Audi TT. So from that point I knew the interview was going to go well. It did, I got the job.

After that I didn't have much need of the system, I moved to London where Audi TTs are all over the place so they can't really be used as an indicator of good luck. So I thought I would try a different car, so I decided on Aston Martins. If I see a DB9 on the way to work it will be a good day. This had to be modified because there are few parked up on the way to work so now if I see more than 3 Aston Martins on the way to work I know I'm going to have a good day.

It sort of works now, not as well as the TT system but well enough. If I see that many I tend to get either a new assignment or a cheque in the post which is all good.

Today I saw 4 Aston Martins on the way into work, but the last one had just been crashed into so I'm not sure what that means. I mean apart from someone with a very expensive car is not having a good day. Poor chap, although the colour, a sort of red-bronze was a bit garish.

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