Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The trouble with Tarots

T.P. has a bit of a thing for Tarot Card readings. Not as in a burning passion, even worse she gives them credence. I think this is harmless fun if you are single but very dangerous when you are already in a relationship.

My reasoning for this is simple, if you are single being told that some tall dark stranger is going to sweep you off your feet in the next six months isn't really going to cause any issues. If anything it will give tall dark haired people an added advantage when chatting you up. So no problems there.

I do however think it is dangerous when someone is in a relationship where the status quo is very good thank you very much. If some random stranger who has only met you once and didn't actually ask any questions about what your relationship was like went on and told you that your love-life was doomed you would probably tell them to go away and move to a different bus-stop.

However if this person has changed their name to Dolphin or Gypsy Futurama and they tell you this insight using a series of sub-Fisher Price flashcards that's not a stranger telling you nonsense that's mystical powers.

Either way, believing in it is dangerous.

Talking of dangerous beliefs after having spent the last few weeks reading everything I can about Roulette. I can say with some force that it is beyond a mugs game to the point that it should be a test for insanity. Anyone who reveals an inclination to play should have all their possessions stripped away and placed in some sort of trust fund while they are forced to eat mashed bananas for the rest of their life.

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