Thursday, November 22, 2007

A ruined man

I am wreck today and it is entirely my fault. Yesterday I went out drinking with Piqued (I know him in real life) we only had a few pints but a combination of an empty stomach and not drinking for a while completely broke me. I didn't realise how drunk I was until on the way home I made a massive detour so I could buy jam. The jam is jolly nice but I'm not sure it was worth the mile and a half of extra walking to get it.

Anyway, back to the pub. Piqued was on good form and we talked about grown up stuff like feelings and things as well as the more important stuff like Motorbikes and pocket watches. A pact was made to go to the Alps on motorbikes and have another crack at the mountain that nearly killed me but with less death. This means I have to do my bike test but I'm still trying to 'pitch' learning to ride a motorbike to a newspaper so I can blag it, it hasn't work yet but I'm sure I can do it.

It was nice talking to Piqued and we made various plans for T.P. and MFWT to meet up, perhaps to talk about how they feel about being written about so extensively. Also last time I went to pub with Piqued and chums I laughed so much I pulled a muscle. A man in leather trousers fell of his chair and another friend got cheated out of some money by a small girl. You don't get that enough on a night out.

I'm starting to feel more human again this is after going for a walk, buying a pint of coffee and doing everything else that could possibly help me recover from a hangover. I don't know why it was so bad this morning, at 2am I was bolt awake with a headache and a super-human thirst. I drank as much as I good and passed two more hours looking at the clock and going to the loo every five minutes before I gave up and went into the front room to give T.P. some peace and play computer games.

After a jasmine tea and crushing an army of orcs I started to feel much better. I even managed a slice of toast with jam on. I don't want to ever drink again in my life, but I'm sure that will pass soon.

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